Unique Powder ALD

 We offer state-of-the-art powder coating ALD and MLD equipment that dramatically increases lithium battery, metal , fluorescent, catalyst, ceramic, graphene, pharmaceutical and other powder properties

  • Choice From Gram to Kilogram to meet the needs of small to large scale production, 
  • Patented designs with full automation, easy, safer and cleaner operation and control
  • Various processes such as solid electrolytes available, Optional for QCM, RGA, Glovebox, O3, MLD


Mini Desktop ALD

  • The Smallest Desktop ALD
  • Maximum 4 inch Wafer 
  • Full ALD Function
  • Extreme Simple to Use


Advanced Evaporator


  • Maximum 8 inch Wafer with Multiple Crucibles
  • Thermal or Ebeam or Both 
  • Fast and High Vaccum
  • Temperature Control -20 to 300C​
  • Precsie Thickness Control  0.015A/sec 
  • Optional to Loadlock, Rotation and Glovebox​