With over 50 years experience in advanced material coating business, ZLD provides customized state of art coating equipment and service solutions for novel material development and production in areas of LED, Lithium Battery and Semiconductor. Based on your special need, we build customized innovation coating platfom for you with high quality design, versatile functionality, easy to use interface,  strict safety control, and fast delivery and service. We also welcome you to use our ZLD innovation coating platform in-house for various R&D purpose.

With ZLD Technology, we help you to achieve new discovery. 



Unique Powder ALD and MLD

  • We offer state-of-the-art powder coating ALD equipment that dramaticallyincreases lithium battery, metal , fluorescent, catalyst, ceramic, graphene, pharmaceutical and other powder properties
  • Choice From Gram to Kilogram to meet the needs of small to large scale production 
  • Patented designs with full automation, easy, safer and cleaner operation and control
  • Various processes such as solid electrolytes available
  • Optional for QCM, RGA, Glovebox, O3, MLD


ZLD Mini Desktop ALD


  • ​The Smallest Desktop ALD
  • Maximum 4 inch Wafer 
  • Full ALD Function
  • Extreme Simple to Use


ZLD Advanced Evaporator


  • Maximum 8 inch Wafer with Multiple Crucibles
  • Thermal or Ebeam or Both 
  • Fast and High Vaccum
  •  Precise Thickness Control  0.015A/sec  
  • Temperature Control -20 to 300C​ 
  • Options for Loadlock, Rotation and Glovebox​

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